About Us

Marina Capital Group (MCG)  is a mergers and acquisitions and strategic consulting firm founded to provide individuals, family owned companies, family offices and middle-market companies customized consulting services by senior professionals.  Some firms date back 100 years. MCG envisions 100 years into the future  as a direct result of our forward thinking innovative business model. Our firm is one of the largest mergers and acquisitions groups in the Los Angeles  area with a focus on:   agribusiness, food & beverage  consumer products and manufacturing.

A Proven Approach


We start by understanding your business and conducting a CES "client exploration session",  we want to know our clients, clarify our fee structure and explain our custom process for your specific company's industry and needs.  We then draft an innovative strategic plan of the various ways we can help your company. We analyze your goals and compare them to our firm's market research data to match your valuation expectation levels. The final phase of the evaluation is we recommend a "go to market strategy" designed specifically to meet your transaction's parameters. Marina Capital Group will earn your business and trust. Selling a company is a personal experience and requires a firm you trust and feel comfortable with during the process.

Why Us?


Our mergers and acquisitions team is comprised of professionals with various skill sets, finance experience, entrepreneurs, and innovators that have either built their own company or sold companies. We all have one core trait in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity.  We’re all fully credentialed.  The Partners at Marina Capital Group and our affiliate firm have 40 years of combined experience and have successfully  consulted on projects representing over $7+ billion in selling companies, buy side, strategic partnerships,  financing and strategic consulting transactions for over 100  middle market private and public companies.  You can count on unbiased recommendations and straight forward impartial guidance. 




We contact a broad strong range of buyers and investors.



We conduct the management meeting process to introduce the investors to your company.



We create a competitive 

process designed to generate multiple offers.

Due Diligence


 We manage sharing the secure information about your company through a virtual 

data room



We coordinate all of the parties involved in the transaction to maximize shareholder value